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Its 2am and you get that "you up" call. 

Clearing your throat, you pretend you wasn't just slobbering all over your satin pillow case.

You tell them, "You know you not getting none, but you can come over still."

You sit up strait. Get yourself together. You have 20 mins. You know damn well you're about bust it wide open. 

You go to the bathroom and take your heaux bath with one leg on the toilet seat to make sure you got everything.

They pull up and you have the lights down low, incense burning and your robe is wafting in the air behind you as you walk. 

You pull out your rolling tray, and ask if they want any. They think you're just smoking, but you know your yoni is about to be on wet wet. 

Floral dank meets the earthiness of damiana and mugwort. The first puff sends tingles throughout your body. 

Yall start kissing and one thing leads to another. The energy is carnal. When you close your eyes, you feel as if your levitating. The sensations are so dope. 

The relaxing affects have you reaching orgasm faster, inviting in the sleep/happiness hormones. 

Next thing you know is 8 AM and you have to have that tough conversation of what they finna do, bc you have moves to make. 

You're good for the next few days. Until you meet again.  

Ritual Includes:

Hemp-based botanic ritual blend



Curated Playlist



Ingredients: Hemp Flower, White Peony, Rose Buds, Mugwort, Lungwort, Lavender, Calendula, Damiana, and Hibiscus

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